Cape Town to Namibia Classic

La nature à perte de vue

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South Africa Moto

Raid - Aventure - Moto

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Lacs Italiens

Les plus beaux lacs du nord de l'Italie à découvrir

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SPA CLASSIC CAR CLUB (S3C), an association that prepares you for unforgettable discoveries...

Do not hesitate any longer, stay informed and discover our next destinations for the first time !

Why S3C ?

Some good reasons to trust us....


High range

S3C always offers you a range of quality services, luxurious hotels, original activities,...


High range

State-of-the-art logistics and support! Your vehicle is at the centre of our interests.


High range

A maximum number of cars to ensure a friendly atmosphere between the different owners.


High range

No chrono or hourly average, each moment is oriented towards a new discovery.

And rallyes...

The rallies of yesterday and today, stay informed for the rallies of tomorrow !

You haven't decided yet ?

Enjoy a few moments of videos during the SPA - CAPETOWN - SPA rallye

Souriez, vous êtes filmés !

Lors de nos différents voyages, l’équipe et les équipages s’en donnent à coeur joie. Vidéos, photos et autres souvenirs sont ainsi partagés avec ceux qui le souhaitent. N’hésitez donc pas à immortaliser vos plus beaux moments lors de vos découvertes !

Your opinion is important to us !

They have lived the experience and they talk about it...

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